uPVC Restoration in Heysham, this house was for sale and the owner who was selling it wanted it to look clean for the pictures, it made it look brand new
white uPVC Restoration

Over time your uPVC windows, doors & gutters look grey, dull & old, We can bring them back to looking new, your property will stand out and look bright white again, replacing costs thousands cleaning will be a small fraction of that cost, and what a difference it makes to your home/business, uPVC restoration is recommended every 4 - 5 years if your windows & uPVC are cleaned on a regular basis.
 FREE DEMONSTRATION  and you can see the results for yourself

The uPVC restoration process is  in 3 stages,
 Stage 1 clean the upvc with a water fed pole using pure water,
 Stage 2 Restoring the uPVC by hand,
 Stage 3 wash down all upvc and glass to leave a spotless finish 
 we can restore your white frames, Doors,gutters, Conservatory and any uPVC to look new again.
Call David for a FREE Quotation and demonstration Today on 07917162815 or email epclancashire@hotmail.com 

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